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Irlandia jednak "will be bullied"

Translacja (courtesy of Google Translate, miejscami z moimi poprawkami, mam nadzieję że poprawnymi) tekstu Johana Norberga, szwedzkiego liberała z Cato, z okazji przejścia naszego światłego Traktatu w Irlandii:

Do you remember the TV show Jeopardy? "I give the answers - and you are asking questions." The European political elite does that every day. The answer will always be 'yes', then modified the questions accordingly.

Ireland's 'yes' to EU Lisbon Treaty should be viewed in this light. The new EU constitution, which would provide a simplified decision-making, presented as a gift to the people of Europe, but was voted down in referendums in France and the Netherlands 2005th.

When the proposal was amended slightly and renamed so that one could ignore the no's. The only thing now was to vote was the Irish. They also said no. Therefore they were forced to vote again until they voted the right - just like when they rejected the Nice Treaty 2001th.

Rarely has a gift so firmly pressed down the throats of the unwilling recipients.
The attitude was expressed most clearly by EU Commission Vice President Margot Wallstrom, as the heavy journal The Economist believes that one of the most disappointing commissioners.

In a BBC interview, she was five times the question of what voters have to do to avoid the Treaty as a 'no, apparently not enough. As if it were a Monty Python sketch pretending she is not on the question and talked instead about the leaders are now going to discuss, understand and listen.

So we treat children. We listen to their demands to brush his teeth with ketchup and argues that we understand them, while we coax them and puts on us until they agree on what we know is best for them.

Sometimes the European leaders turn in the right direction, sometimes in the wrong direction. This has little to do with it. The problem is that they treat people like children. They have shown us the way and will carry on, whether we like it or not. It makes a mockery of the democratic idea on which the EU is founded, and can only result in more contempt for politicians and the EU.

What if the red-green wins the election next year but the government refuses to resign. Then they say that they should "listen" and "understand" and that voters really voted against them, but simply being dissatisfied with the economy and so is launching the new election when the economy has turned, and unemployment has fallen.

It would be well-suited.

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