piątek, 1 maja 2009

Wałęsa mi zaimponował

Lech Wałęsa zagrał dzisiaj na nosie euromaniakom i wygłosił przemówienie na zjeździe Libertas w Rzymie. Oczywiście w Polsce zwrócono większą uwagę na to, że banda oszołomów z jakich składa się polskie Libertas nie potrafiła nawet siedzieć cicho i musiała "Bolek" poskandować. Cóż, to było wiadome od samego początku, że tak się skończy współpraca z podobnymi "siłami". W Polsce informowanie o UE stoi na żenującym poziomie, więc dalej panuje tu hurra-euro-optymizm i trudno tworzyć partię która by dążyła do sensownej reformy. W polskich mediach każdy kto nie jest 100% zwolennikiem głównego nurtu UE, jest przeciwnikiem UE jako takiej. Siłą rzeczy do rekrutacji do Libertas zostały oszołomy. A szkoda. Wałęsa posłuchał Ganleya, rozmawiał z nim jak sam powiedział kilka godzin, i wystąpił nie przez przypadek tylko dlatego, że Libertas prezentuje zdroworozsądkowe podejście do integracji. I przeważnie trudno się z rzeczami które Ganley mówi nie zgodzić. Jego przemówienie:

We are gathered here today because fifty two years ago, the leaders of six European countries made history in this magnificent city. The Treaty of Rome pledged its authors to creating “an ever-closer Union”. Firstly, this was as a trading bloc, an economic pact… but they were really promising so much more.

They were promising NOTHING less than an end to war on the European continent, and a means of ensuring lasting prosperity for us all. They succeeded… beyond their wildest hopes. Over half a century of peace and growth has now passed on our continent. An unprecedented achievement.
Well, over EIGHTY PERCENT of the laws that govern us… govern YOU… are now dreamt up by bureaucrats in Brussels.
On the other hand, when you HAVE to be unelected to make the law… it is the mediocre that will ALWAYS flourish. The nearly-men and the rejects of our national governments always seem to find a happy home in the European Commission, don’t they? Now, I don’t know about you, but shouldn’t the highest decision-making body have the BEST people in it?
We’ve got TWENTY SEVEN Commissioners dreaming up endless laws we don’t need, watched over by a toothless parliament of over one hundred and NINETY separate parties… All those politicians add up to just ONE, BIG, EXPENSIVE mess.

The European Parliament has become a standing joke among democrats the world over and that… in the continent that gave BIRTH to democracy… to egalité, liberté and fraternité… makes me sad beyond belief.
The Lisbon Constitution – the same rumbling tectonic plate that led to a Tsunami of democratic opposition in France… in the Netherlands… and in Ireland… is the most naked power-grab in history.
All in all, FIFTY new areas where Brussels would take power over our sovereign, national governments. Power without control. Authority without accountability.

Such subtle shifts might have been missed, but for the sheer arrogance of the way that Lisbon was written.

Article 48 is effectively ‘the blank cheque’ provision. Not only does it leave large areas of policy to be decided AFTER the states have signed away their authority… It declares that Brussels NEVER needs to bother to ask our permission again.
And, on behalf of everyone in Europe who does NOT have a six-figure taxpayer-funded income, we have to ask them... “which part of ‘non’ do you not understand?”
Firstly, if the politicians in Brussels want to think of themselves as an elite... then let Libertas proudly declare that ours is a movement of the PEOPLE. They insist that they will decide... we say that ‘NO’... the PEOPLE should decide.

Secondly, if they insist on a closed shop... doing the big deals behind closed doors, then we will define ourselves by our OPENNESS. That is why we call today for FULL TRANSPARENCY of what our MEPs are earning... and the decisions they are taking on our behalf. Let the PEOPLE into politics once more.

Third, if Brussels carries on the waste of ‘jobs for the boys’ and gold-plated pensions that don’t lose a penny thanks to the poor, European taxpayer... then WE will make it our mission to ensure that the EU delivers value-for-money. Now, more than ever.
Let’s face it... a vote for ANY national party in the European election is a wasted vote. And, of course, that suits the bureaucrats just FINE.

While one hundred and ninety fragmented, national parties squabble over petty divisions, they can accumulate more and more power.
Of course, it suits the men in suits in Brussels to present us with a false choice. ‘In’ or ‘Out’ of Europe. Pro-European or Euro-sceptic. Lisbon or nothing.

You don’t need me to tell you that this is RIDICULOUS. That is why Libertas candidates are the real PRO-EUROPEANS... We are the movement offering the REAL choice... and the real VOICE for the people.

Here are four, core policies that ONLY Libertas can offer this June:

First, GENUINE accountability. Your national parties... the Socialists, the Conservatives, the Communists and the Nationalists... ALL of them have failed you.

None of them work... because NONE has the necessary power in the heart of Europe. One movement can. Only Libertas can HOLD THEM TO ACCOUNT.

Second, the European Union MUST... as a MATTER OF PRINCIPLE, demonstrate real VALUE FOR MONEY, beginning today.

It disturbs me that €100,000 was spent by our leaders to build a ski slope in Denmark on a flat piece of land... where it never snows.

It would be funny, were it not tragic.

And it really worries me that €2.4 billion was spent by our leaders on Public Relations, in order to promote themselves at OUR expense.... just as the recession bit the poorest and most vulnerable, hardest.

THAT is why we are the only party to have committed to 10 billion Euros in savings from the Commission budget.

When times are tough for families, it isn’t just wasteful to burn money like this… it is OBSCENE. And we cannot afford to take them for granted.

Third, because it is right and proper that politicians have the same ethical standards that we would apply to ourselves, we must have FULL DISCLOSURE OF what they EARN and what they DECIDE.

We can NOT continue the practice of back-room deals, meetings behind closed doors and gold-plated pensions.

It may be good business for Bernie Madoff… Believe me, it’s not good for us!

FINALLY, only our ELECTED politicians should make the law. If we elect our MEPs, we should give them real power. The representatives of the people must not only have the power to represent the people, but they must have the power to defend the people.

Tak się zastanawiam czy dzisiaj antyfederaliści z Jeffersonem, Madisonem, Henrym i Masonem na czele byliby nazywani "ameryko-sceptykami"?

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