środa, 6 maja 2009

Imperial presidency continues...

Obama, zgodnie z oczekiwaniami, trzyma poziom Busha jeśli chodzi o szacunek dla prawa.

The Obama administration continues to subsidize Chrysler and G.M. (and even the companies that sell them parts) with money that Congress allocated to the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). As the name suggests, the Treasury Department was supposed to use that money to buy troubled assets from financial institutions, the aim being "to restore liquidity and stability to the financial system." There is not a word in the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, the law that created TARP, about automobile manufacturers.

President Bush acknowledged as much, saying it was inappropriate to use TARP money for loans to G.M. and Chrysler. He changed his mind only after a bill authorizing a carmaker bailout failed to win Senate approval.

On the strength of TARP loans that never should have been made, Obama has dictated one business decision after another. He fired G.M.'s CEO, urged brand consolidation on the company, insisted on Chrysler's merger with Fiat, and demanded the production of cleaner, more fuel-efficient cars, even if that strategy hurts the automakers' bottom lines.

Rescue by Fiat

Naprawdę mogliby się nie ośmieszać, że ze względu na swoje prawo nie mogą nam wiz znieść. Łamią swoje prawo na okrągło.

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