wtorek, 17 marca 2009

Peter Schiff 3/16/09 - Schiff Report Video Blog

"This is one big Ponzi Scheme. (...) The chinese are making those statements in public, about the fact that they're worried about the safety of these bonds, can you imagine what they're saying behind the scenes? It used to be just lower level chinese officials, now you get it from the very top. They know they're screwed up on this. (...) and we are going to villify the chinese, we're gonna blame them for the problem, we're going to say they were predatory lenders"

"Jeśli mam być szczery, jestem trochę zaniepokojony" - tak premier Wen Jiabao widzi gospodarkę USA i bezpieczeństwo chińskich kapitałów za oceanem.


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