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Woodstock's Legacy

Wyklad prezesa ARI, Yarona Brooka, Woodstock's Legacy: The Rise of Environmentalism and the Religious Right

Brook przekonuje, ze dwa powstale na przelomie lat '60 i '70 ruchy irracjonalizmu, enwiromentalizm i ewangelizm, nie roznia sie zasadniczo od siebie i mozna juz dzis zaobserwowac proces ich scalania.

Brook cytuje w trakcie chyba ten sondaz:
Generally speaking, however, evangelicals ranked traditionally progressive or Democratic causes as more important than traditionally conservative or Republican ones. (...) Almost 60-percent said they favored a more progressive evangelical agenda focused more on protecting the environment, tackling HIV/AIDs, and alleviating poverty and less on abortion and homosexuality.

Najwyrazniej nie jest to nic nowego, teleewangelista, Pat Robertson przeszedl na globalny ocieplenizm juz w 2006:

Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson has jumped into the growing chasm between evangelicals divided over the issue of global warming.
Robertson joins the chorus of evangelical leaders who have raised the issues of global warming and the environment to a place once reserved for abortion and school prayer by Christian activists.

As WorldNetDaily reported, 85 Christian leaders signed an Evangelical Climate Initiative, unveiled Feb. 8, that called for government action to deal with global warming.
But rather than rally evangelicals to the cause of global warming, ECI galvanized Christian critics who formed their own group – the Interfaith Stewardship Alliance – and released a statement last week endorsed by 100 evangelical theologians, pastors, climatologists and economists criticizing ECI's claims.


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